Does this sound familiar to anyone?

There was a scene where a couple of hapless men try to lift a new bath-tub up a stairs but are struggling with the weight of it and can't get it upstairs. Elsewhere there is some dispute/disagreement on a bus or at a bus stop where some men are being difficult. Enter a new character (possibly someone's cousin or niece who is visiting their family) - she possesses great strength and sorts out both situations by lifting the bath tub up the stairs with ease and punching the difficult men at the bus-stop. They fall over and one of their hats falls off and rolls on the ground.

The characters at the bus stop were grumpy old men who were being awkward about something. The lady was good looking and possibly wore a mini skirt. I canít remember any of the dialogue.

Most likely a British TV show from the 1980's or 1990's.

I'm not 100% that it was a TV series - it's possible that it was a movie.