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Thread: 80s or 90s Drama mini series

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    Not sure if it was a one off play or a mini series either the late 80s or 90s Memories of it are a bit blurred but here goes Was about a couple who were on the run from police and find themselves holed up in a Vacant English village house, the nosey next door neighbour befriends them and takes them under her wing thinking they have just moved in or on holiday or something. Turns out at the end the old woman knew about them all along and poisons them all, herself included. Been looking for this for Ages

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    Any idea of the names of the cast?

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    I immediately thought of 'Half-broken Things'. It's a bit off for date (2007) but has all the other plot ingredients - young couple on the run (him from the police, her from ex-partner I think), vacant country house with an older lady house-sitter who takes them in, and she poisons them all, herself included at the end (I think with poison in the trifle at a celebratory dinner!) - it was a one-off ITV drama starring Penelope Wilton. I'm probably way off the mark, especially for the difference in dates, but the plots sound uncannily similar! There's a precis of it here

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    Thatís it! Thanks so much

    The Mrs is gonna love me for this
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