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Thread: Trying to identify an old monster movie

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    I'm new to this forum, and I'm just curious about a movie I used to watch in the early ninties all the time. It was about a couple (I think? Might have been more of them) of kids and a giant flying turtle or something. I've been doing some searching and something tells me it's not gamera... none of the covers look familiar, though my memories are very vague. I remember the turtle thing flying over the kids and one of them saying something along the lines of "it's not evil." Also, for some reason whenever I think of the movie water pops into my head, so it might have had a lot of water in it... maybe the cover was blue, or they found the turtle near water or something. It was also very badly dubbed, but that's all I remember... I was very young. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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    The only film that springs to mind with a flying turtle, is Terry Pratchets, Disc world (which I've never actually watched)

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    The thing that springs to mind with me is the old "Monkey" series (lots of monkey magic and unarmed combat) that my kids loved on TV. There were many strange animals throughout the series and it was very badly dubbed. Could have been an episode of that ???

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    Ahh I was going to suggest Monkey too, but did they do a movie of it?

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    Thanks for the input, everyone

    After doing another search, I think it actually may have been a Gamera, maybe Return of the Giant Monsters because I'm almost certain I remember a blue cover. I saw a clip of the movie and the colors are pretty bad (mostly blue), so it looks underwater half the time... that would explain why I always think of water when I think of the movie!

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    , glad you found it

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