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    Children's Ward was a TV drama set in the children's ward of a hospital which described accidents, the injuries suffered and their recovery. It starred many people through the years, including Will Mellor, Matt Littler (Max Cunningham in Hollyoaks), Tim Vincent (Blue Peter Presenter), Nikki Sanderson, Alan Halsall, Jane Danson (all Corontation Street), etc...


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    Oh yeah i used to watch that.
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    Remember it? I used to be in

    I played Sarah Marshall, the gang gal, friends with Lisa in hospital.
    I was in the second series for about 8 episodes, it was great fun and i met loads of people before they were really famous! My fav was Alistair McGowan who played a really small role as a doctor. ;-)

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    I used to watch this series regularly in its early days but lost touch in later series. I recall Tim Vincent being in it though, and I'm sure I've seen a pic of his 15 year old self sitting up in bed on set. Googled it, but can't find it now.

    Quote Originally Posted by Muffy View Post
    ...I played Sarah Marshall, the gang gal, friends with Lisa in hospital. I was in the second series for about 8 episodes...
    Let's see now, you must be Sadie or Maxine. There are only two actors listed who played a Sarah in the cast list I found. Mind you, it was IMDB so there is a good chance of inacuracy! lol

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    I really enjoyed this series. I thought it was very well made for a children's programme. It did tackle some tough issues.

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    It was a good series, used to be essential teatime viewing, one of the best ITV childrens dramas.

    Muffy have you got any photo's, clips or stories to share with us?
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    I remember the ITV kids zone host Danniele Nichols presented Children' Ward & other kids show; I so fancied her

    Wasn't she Scouse?

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    I think that Danielle came from Manchester (and her skirt/dress came from Miss Fortune). If my other half was like her it would be like winning the lottery.

    Not surprising that Children's Ward had quite a lot of future Coronation Street actors in it considering it was made by Granada, including Chloe Newsome (I wish I could get my hands on a picture that was published in an August 1995 Saturday issue of the Daily Star with her and Angela Griffin posed on a motorbike - the problem is that the Daily Star archive only starts in 2000 on the UK Press Online website).

    In the same vein, there were also Three, Seven, Eleven (except that it was written in small letters like Dinnerladies and Tom Thumb was). I think that they also used the same production team as Children's Ward at Granada for that as well. Julia Howarth (?)(Claire Peacock) was Miranda Pudsey in that if you know what I mean. I assume that it was a Grange Hill a la Primary School and was first shown around the time when the GH repeats were (but they were on Wednesday afternoons rather than Sunday mornings, you understand). Lasted two series and finished.
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