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Thread: Bonfire night

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    WOW ! I'm shattered ! We have just finished our bonfire bash and I've just thrown my last family members out (Heather & kids !!) Eleven adults, nine kids round a bonfire in the garden with a smashing firework display. We all enjoyed hot dogs and burgers (and a little alcohol) The kids thought it was great Think the dishes and tidying up can wait till tomorrow
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    Ahh yes I remember it well. My Guy had a very slim passing resemblance to anything human shaped but I insisted on making it myslef without any help! I would taipse down to a junction in Radford In Nottingham where we lived and there we would catch the workers changing shifts at Raleigh Bicycles and John Player cigarettes, LOADS of pennies for Fireworks! For food on the night we would get Baked potatoes, bonfire toffee which was incredibly hard! Flapjacks baked apples, and lots of sweets that were only available at that time of year 'winter toffee and the such. I always remembered I could wait for my bath that week until bofire night and go to bed all clean and warm with a big smile on my face. So many things have now been designated unsafe by the powers that be but we were okay, as long as you had a responsable adult there! Does anyone remember the adverts that the Fire Brigade put out about keeping fireworks in a biscuit tin with a lid? Wear a glove and light them at arms length and to keep a bucket of water or sand handy?

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    Lol yep i remember those adverts,
    i also remember 1 year that the firebrigade came to our house as i bonfire was so big they had got the hose out and came running over then 1 said wait a minute did you call us and dad said no and he had his hose on the tap anyway so they went not sure who called them lol but luckily 1 thought to ask before extinguishing it lol
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    I have many memories like these.
    We always had a big party on the night with loads of fireworks, a massive bonfire, jacket spuds baked in foil in the fire, our home made Guy used for 'Penny For The Guy' by my brother all week finally ceremoniously dumped on top of the fire, looking for the shells in the streets the next day.

    Do any of you remember the unbelievably dangerous Jumping Jack firework that chased you round the garden?
    Or the Banger being thrown behind you and making you jump when it exploded?
    I think both of these were banned by the early 70s, thank goodness!

    I also remember fireworks like Air Bombs being much louder than today.

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    They are not the same today, no colour in them at all, no bang, the cathrin weel do not spin so long, the rockets are terrible, i use to love the jumping jack i remember running round the garden because i was never to sure were it was going to jump to next.

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    I remember the jumpin jack chasing you round the garden,catherine wheel,sparklers,roman candle,home made soup to keep you warm,the smell of smoke the following morning

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    Yes, those jumping jacks! At one time, there would have been me and two younger brothers, plus assorted members of the family and sometimes those fireworks got awfully close. We just thought it great fun but I suppose, in retrospect, they were quite dangerous.

    My favourite November 5th party was one put on be my Dad's firm, probably around 1970. The bonfire was immense and there was a van dispensing jacket potatoes and hotdogs. We were all dressed in thick jumpers and coats and the atmosphere was electric.
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    I remember bonfire night as a child.We use to spend weeks beforehand, building it up,with anything and everything we could find that would burn.Most small community bonfires were wonderful,as adults use to organize them and build them up,ensuring absolute safety.All the local children and teenagers use to join in,and spend most days searching for things.Bonfires certainly stopped all kinds of trouble for the month before and a week or so after,as most kids use to spend all their time building it,and afterwards,spend all their time remembering it and standing around the embers and charred ground,talking about next years bonfire.
    I use to love the next day,fingering the embers and looking for dead firework shells.I still go looking for dead fireworks after bonfire night,as i love the smell of them.There is nothing better for a community,than building a bonfire,as the fun,excitement and smells are as spectacular as the actual sight of the bonfire and fireworks themselves.
    I still remember how all the local violent thugs teens,never caused trouble on the run up to bonfire night,or afterwards.That says a lot for bonfire night and how good it is for communities.

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    when we were young though it was different.The seasons have changed now, but back then bonfire night could be relied on to be very nippy and you needed gloves scarves, mugs of soup baked potatoes cocoa etc.

    in the past few years i have known bonfire nights which were almost warm and certainly not with the breath hanging in the air which i well remember

    also in those days we didnt come back into a fully heated house like we do now and it was a contrast to have warm mugs and excitement outside then go indoors where it was chilly and race back into bed.

    Also a penny in those days really was worth having, you could buy things with it! four aniseed balls!!!!!!

    plus there wasnt the paranoia of not letting children out which prevails now, kids could hang about on street corners with guys.

    Its like christmas, although i know even back then it was rare to actually have snow on christmas day, the winter was at least cold.Recently we have had warm christmas days, its just not the same, not festive at all

    back the the chill on bonfire night to us kids heraded the start of winter and the run up to christmas, now its just much of a muchness weather wise.

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    When I was young my family and a few others used to organise bonfire parties & each bring a box of fireworks.

    Also the the was (& still is ) a local bonfire & professional firework display in the local park on the nearest saturday, with the ticket money going to charity.

    We used to go every year, though it was a labour of sometimes, especially as the park would end up a sea of mud & it was a long walk up a steep hill to my old house.
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