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Thread: Scary Game

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    Default Scary Game

    I remember in early seventies getting a Waddington's Ouija board game.

    Some days later me and my sisters couldn't sleep with terror 'cos a spirit named 'Fulf' was coming to get us that night

    Dad smashed it up, burned it and got me yet another football instead.

    Anyone else ever have this so called toy ?

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    Yes, I had an Ouija board, but these things were NEVER meant to be taken as a game. It all had to be taken seriously or not at all as it can be very damaging to the mind - especially of young children as you most certainly found out.

    The people who did use them and really believed always prayed and asked for protection and guidence before begining the seance.

    Best left alone !
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    I remember finding one hidden under my Nan's Cupboard and thinking how exciting it was, and longing for a play. Luckly I was never allowed.
    As an adult I dont think they should ever be classed as a toy or a game. Children already have over active imaginations. I think something like this can taint a impressionable young mind.
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    What a load of old codswallop!
    don't tell me believe that **** , do you?

    Its a bit of printed wood and a glass... not a portal to another dimension

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    I dont believe in Freddie Krueger either, but I still would not let my kids watch it

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    Default Re: Scary Game

    It appears both Waddingtons and Parker Brothers did release game versions of Ouija boards, but quickly withdrew them from the shelves following a suicide worries. I haven't found many pictures but there are a lot of references to it.

    Parker Brothers version

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    Didn't the guy who wrote the music "Telstar" dabble with a ouija board and go mad and shoot himself? Or just an urban myth perhaps ...

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    there was a 1972 Parker Brother addition and Waddingtons did one.

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    As a teen me and a few pals once used one in the local cemetary( after a few slugs of Emva Cream) I can tell you the first time it moved 4 blokes broke the land speed record all the way home
    The eyes have it!

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    I'm sure I once read somewhere, that Ouija boards were popular games for all the family up until the late 60s, early 70s. I suppose families sat around their 'parlours' having a right jolly time. And yes, the big 'toy' manufacturers sold loads.

    The article said that after the tabloids went hysterical (as they do) about hippies, drugs and New Age stuff, they targeted these people's fascination with the occult and witchcraft and so on. Anyway, before you knew it, 'sensible' readers were up in arms about the Ouija Board and the 'responsible' public were seething.

    So Waddingtons stopped production of what had been, until tabloid damnation, one of their most popular lines.

    At least, that's what I heard.

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