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Thread: 70's dancer needed!

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    Default 70's dancer needed!

    I'm looking for someone to help with some 70's dancing. Did you give dance lessons around the time? Did you ever take part or win any competitions? Were you generally an good, experinced dancer in the 70's?

    We're making a BBC 2 documentary about the 70's and would like to speak to people who were talented dancers with a view to getting them onboard and do some filming with them!

    Please contact Matt on 0207 3072720 or email:

    I look forward to hearing from all you dance enthusiasts out there!

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    Default Re: 70's dancer needed!

    I used to be a go go dancer in the 70s if thats of any help.

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    we need pictoral evidence

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    My husband still dances like he's still in the 70's!

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    Hi Matt,if you call dancing around your handbag at a disco,i,m definetly an experienced 70,s dancer.
    That was about the limitation of our dancing back then.But good luck in finding some real talent.:-)

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