Though I did'nt do much dancing in the 1990s (though more than I do these day's in saying that -there sure was some great group's and singer's who made the 1990s the "Dance Decade" which made it way way different from the 1980s - though the 1980s was more my kind of music to dance to.

Dancing in the 1990s to the likes of Whigfield (Saturday Night), Haddoway (What Is Love), Oasis (Don't Look Back In Anger and Wonderwall) and group's like The Spice girls and Take That and Boyzone was just so different and bring's thoughts of "happy times" for me, but I really realy appreciated the music like Whigfield and Haddoway that was just so differing from the Mainstream type that had been about until their era I thought, that made dancing in this era excellent I think.