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Thread: Trick Stick.

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    Default Trick Stick.

    anybody have one of these?? mine was a yellow stick with red ends,a clear piece of twine was attached to the stick and there was a ring which went onto your finger,the idea was you would twizzle the stick around and it looked like you were magically making the stick move.....simple things please simple minds eh??

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    Default Re: Trick Stick.

    merged with existing thread

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    Default Transformers

    I remember buying these for my oldest son, they were cars ECT that turned into Robots they were a big craze at the time in the 80,s.
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    Default Re: yellow stick thingy!!??!!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    this is me with my trick stick around 1981

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    Default Re: Trick Stick.

    Great photo! A trixstick was top of my wish list back then, probably because they were advertised to the hilt. Never got one though.
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    Ah-ha yet another piece of my childhood unearthed by the forum that I had forgotten about. Yes I had one of these, I could spin it about on the piece of wire but that was about it!

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    Default Re: Trick Stick.

    I got a Trick Stick for Christmas one year in the early '80s (I don't know why, I didn't ask for one!). Like everyone else's, it was yellow with red ball-ends and the nylon string thing in the middle. I didn't really do anything with it to be honest, it just sat in my cupboard for a few years.
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    My brother and I used ours with a dressing gown hung over it to play the invisible man.

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    At last! Someone else who has heard of trixstix! They were all the rage in my junior school. I seem to remember being pretty nifty with it!

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    Default Re: Trick Stick.

    I was pretty good with mine too! But then I'm nerdy like that, I won't stop doing it until I can do all the tricks... hehe

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