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Thread: Where was that shop exactly ??

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    Default Where was that shop exactly ??

    I have 2 related books from the '80s ... Newman's 1988 Retail Directory and London Shop Surveys 1984-85. They list thousands of shops in the main towns and cities in the UK and Ireland.

    So if you want to know the name of a particular shop or where it was in relation to others, just ask. If its in the book I'll tell you. Here's a sample page from Liverpool ......

    Zodiac Toys* had two toy shops here, one (ex Youngsters) in Church Street and a newer one round the corner in Tarleton street.
    *see Toy thread.

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    Default Re: Where was that shop exactly ??

    ziksby, if you're still out there, could you scan in a plan of Doncaster, South Yorks please




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