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Thread: School songs!

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    Duran Duran - The Reflex - the video for that is true 80's!

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    I was 11 yrs old in 1977 and we had a juke box in the tuck shop and the songs I remember being played at break times were Hong Kong Garden by Siouxsie and the Banshees, Albert Tatlock I think by the Sex Pistols and Who killed Bambi again I think by the Sex Pistols. Happy days!

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    Albert Tatlock was actually a song called TV Stars by the Skids, it was the B-side to Into The Valley. That wasn't released till 1979, so maybe you were thinking of some other song?

    neither was Who Killed Bambi either, again '79. HKG was '78

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    Heart of Gass- Blondie
    One Day In Your Life - Michael Jackson
    Together We Are Beautiful - Fern Kinney
    Oliver's Army - Elvis Costello
    Tragedy - Bee Gees
    Forever Autumn - Justin Hayward
    Song For Guy - Elton John

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    Chanson D'Amour by Manhattan Transfer.

    Got to No 1 ( I think) about 1977

    Was in 3rd Year of Senior school !

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    Are Friends Electric? - Tubeway Army
    Lines - The Planets
    Video Killed The Radio Star - Buggles
    Games Without Frontiers - Peter Gabriel
    Turning Japanese - The Vapors

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    Culture Club - Do you really want to hurt Me.
    I remeber that song more than any other during my school days.
    Pet shop boys - It's a sin
    Kylie - The Locomotion
    Bruce Willis - Under the Broadwalk
    Soft Cell - Tainted Love

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    At school-
    morning has broken
    Amazing Grace
    Pop music-
    baggy trousers-madness
    do you really want to hurt me-culture club
    monkey house-animal magnet
    wishing if i had a photograph-a flock of seagulls
    tainted love-soft cell
    kiss me-steven tin tin duffy
    anything by the beat

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    That oooby doo want to be like you song from the Jungle Book
    Ebony and ivory
    Go Wild in the Country
    Karma Chameleon
    99 Red Balloons
    You Spin me Round
    Somewhere in my heart
    I Should be so Lucky
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    Hold Me Close David Essex (1975)
    Sailing Rod Stewart (1976)
    Who Loves You The Four Seasons (1975)
    Thunder In The Mountain Toyah (1981)
    Razzamataz Quincy Jones (1981)
    Intuition Linx (1981)

    And especially The Boys Of Summer Don Henley

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