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    This was a strawberry flavoured pink candy bar made by Nestle. I used to use my pocket money on a Friday coming home from school to buy a Pink Panther bar and a Curly Wurly as my treats for the weekend. I used to love the strawberry creamy flavour of the Pink Panther! The Pink Panther bar was later changed to a mint flavour and went by the name 'Contessa'. The Pink Panther bar came in two types - one had the car embossed into the chocolate, whilst the other had the Pink Panther.


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    Newly listed on Ebay...Not only the wrapper but the chocolates still there too!! Wonder if the chocolates still pink

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    I used to LOVE these! I expect they were extremely sweet though. Bring them back!
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    Ugh! I remember these too but they were just too sickly sweet for even a seasoned sweet-tooth like I was! Nice to see the packets again though.

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    These were well and truly off limits for me. Can't stand anything to do with strawberry.

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    Yes!!! I remember them!!! I was at secondary school when they were out. And I loved Curly Wurlys... Which are still on sale.

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    must say huggie never seen these before.
    did it have pink chocolate.
    when did it first hit the shops and when did it stop being made.
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    Yes darren it was pink, I think it was sold late 60's(going from the wrapper price) the 70's and on into the 80's

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