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Thread: Northern Soul

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    Northern Soul... he, heee..

    The Pink Toothbrush in Essex was the place to be on a Friday night.
    Mods, Skins, Psychobillies and Scooterists..

    End the night wrecking in a big circle to should I stay or should I go and Sunrise....

    Mad times...

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    Nay lad, Nay.

    None of your namby-pamby southern clubs in here - Northern Soul is the posting and long may it reign.

    Ehh bah goom, ecky thump etc

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    Namby pamby ya bugger...LOL

    Those were the days.

    Load up the Hilman Minx (green one)
    off we go....
    Brighton weekender, Gt Yarmouth weekender, Isle of White Run....

    P***sed in a tent with a couple of dollies in fishnets and Parkas....

    Oh to be young
    This is a box, a musical box, wound up and ready to play...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danny View Post
    I only got to Wigan Casino twice for the all-nighters, they were insane!!

    Anyway it seemed so at the time cos this was long before break dancing , body popping etc

    There were people somersaulting backwards on the dance floor or leaping and twisting in the air like acrobats

    Both times I hung round in corner with mates as we dared each other to get up and try it takers as we knew we would get a right showing up next to the regulars

    They even went to toilets, stripped down ,got washed and full change of clothes as the night went on so they were fresh again for the next bout of near gymnastics

    Still awestruck all these years later
    Hi i used to go to wigan with my sister it was great, we used to have such a great time dancing to the northern soul, these were the days,

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    I used to go to Sam's at Sheffield .. 1974/5 ...

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    My Dad liked the music, but didn't go to any of the all-nighters because he was a bit old for that kind of thing & my Mum wouldn't have been keen on it either. He got a really good double CD of NS songs a couple of year ago.

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    My mum often tells me of her many nights out at Manchester's Twisted Wheel...Long before Northern Soul reached Wigan. A regular at the Twisted Wheel was a lad by the nickname 'Rubber Legs Milton'. I'll leave that image with you.
    If at first you don't succeed, skydiving isn't for you!

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    Does anyone think that the current number one by Cee-Lo Green is just trying *too* hard to be a modern-day Northern Soul record?

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    By the way the film Soulboy is rather good

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    I remember Wigan all nighters quite well, although I never attended myself, as I was not into Northern Soul. Wasnt it Wigan Casino?

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