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Thread: Weird Roger Daltrey series

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    Default Weird Roger Daltrey series

    I'm trying to find anyone who remembers a weird Roger Daltrey TV series, just to confirm to myself that I didnt just dream it up!

    It was late 80's, probably ITV saturday teatime. Roger Daltrey was in it, and he worked for some kind of shadowy organisation. Roger wore a pinstripe suit and bowler hat, and he had a black sidekick who wore cowskin flares. The whole tone of the show was weird, avengers-lite. Ive tried asking friends, SFX magazine, Roger Daltrey fansites and even ITV itself, but no one else on earth seems to have any knowledge of this show!

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    I found out from the Internet Movie Database that Roger Daltrey made a TV series in 1988 called "How to be cool", but I don't know anything else or if that is the right show.

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    He does done a few guest spots too.
    He appeared in some episodes of "Highlander" and "Rude Awakening", and one off guests in shows such as "Slider".

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    Oh man I don't believe it! I've been trying to remember the name of this show for years!
    In fact that's why I started looking through this forum!
    You are correct in that it was Saturday evening about teatime.
    I remember it was a little like a serialised kids version of 'A Clockwork Orange'.
    And wasn't there something called 'The Fashion Police'?.....
    Please please someone help.


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    Another memory of this show.
    Don't ask how I remember this (!!!) but one of the young actors was called Russell Lee.


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    Default How to be cool

    I remember that show, i have been trawling the net to find it but the only reference i have found is here, i watched it when i was a kid.

    Apart from daltery the main charactor was vas blackwood (cant remember his charactor name) he was in lock stock and two smoking barrales and a Childrens ITV show called spatz.

    My memory of it is sketchy, it was a very bizzare series and the premise was that daultery invented the sixtys scene and was planning to create the ninetys with the help of a scientist who had develped some kind of potion or machine that turned who every took it into the coolset person in the universe it was very strange but i was eight years old at the time so i loved it.

    There was a bunch of cool kids who had a device called a cool omitor that could measure coolness (The writers must have been on drugs)

    I seem to remeber something about the sceintist growing a giant pea. It ended with vas blackwoods charactors slob sister absorbing the power andbeing turned into the coolest person and daulery being killed.

    Does anybody else remeber anythiong about it

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    Default Re: Weird Roger Daltrey series

    How To Be Cool turns out to be based on a Phillip Pullman novel.

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    Default Re: Weird Roger Daltrey series

    Did Daultrey's character have a pencil thin moustache in the show???

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    Default Re: Weird Roger Daltrey series

    I wonder if you are thinking about Big Breadwinner?
    The main character Hog is a young ruthless London gangster called Hogarth played by Peter Egan.

    Captain Mick

    Rose of Arden

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    Default Re: Weird Roger Daltrey series

    here is a clip, sorry it also features Gary Glitter!

    I think about this show way too much , I was 11 or 12 when I saw it and it stayed with me!!

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