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    Clackers were 2 balls (slightly smaller than golf balls) at the end of two pieces of string with a little piece of plastic to hold. The idea was to smack them together and get a rhythm going and they always ended up wrapped round your wrist bruising you quite bad. Obviously they were called clackers because of noise they made.


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    I spent many a fine day nearly breaking my wrist with these! That was when I wasn't falling off my huge platform shoes and nearly breaking my ankles! Happy days!

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    Yes. I encountered them first on a family holiday in Spain (generally hated them: too hot, strange food... Just swam and swam and swam out of sheer boredom)

    Now they have been semi-reincarnated in a "safe" version with rigid wires. Where's the fun in that? The risk was the challenge"

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    With Space boppers, (Deely boppers) on the other hand, the only risk was ridicule.
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    A little later than the clackers I think?
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    Knockers they were called around our way. I ended up with a cheap pair that slowly disintegrated with every clack - so not just the risk of breaking a wrist but also of losing an eye from flying splinters. Happy days indeed .

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    Klikies by Thomas Salter

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    ive got some clackers still carnt do it any more so dangerous

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    I had 2 pairs of these too! One was clear green hard plastic, the others were of a softer blue plastic, but not so effective.

    The problem as I remember, was the Clackers used to shatter violently when you attempted the dangerous over the wrist full circle continuous clack! Great fun, I still have mine, original pair (quite chpped now and unserviceable) And a slightly more modern pair (not the ones with the wires they were truly awful) Seem to remember lots of kids sustained chipped bones to the wrist as well as eye injuries.

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    Proper clackers had been banned by the time I was of an age to want a set. The ones with the bars came out at this time so I had to make do with those, but they ended up being quite a fad too. They were all the same fluorescent yellow arm + ball and one fluorescent orange. In later years other colour combinations appeared.
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    They were pronounced ker-nockers round here. Mine were a vivid orange colour and after almost thirty years the bruising to my wrists is just about fading...
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