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    anyone remember 80's drama on BBC2 set in The Red Road Flats in Glasgow called Maggie,

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    I do, loved it at the time

    Not sure it would stand the test of time but would love to see it again

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    Yes Maggie.
    The theme tune written and sung by B A Robertson. We followed maggie leaving school and heading off to University. Was quite good for the time. But the pacing would be too slow for today's Big Brother audiences. Wouldn't mind another look at it.

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    ye i remember it used to be on around 6/6.30 on bbc2 i never missed it.

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    Yeah great programme of its time. Wasn't Eileen McCallum her mum? Always remember the episode where she brought some posh family home to meet hers where they were offered "flea cemeterys" for tea!!!
    The eyes have it!

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    I've not been with DYR very long and have been looking at the TV threads to see if there was any mention of this series! I was glued to it when it went out, as was a best friend at the time. We'd talk about how much we enjoyed it. I've been trying to find the B.A. Robertson theme for ages.

    From memory:

    "Maggie won't be a teenage bride,
    Maggie, against the tide,
    She accepts the adversity,
    She always knew she would,
    To attend university,
    And so far it's so good."

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