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    He was also in the TV series version of The Odd Couple, with Tony Randall
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeptfordDraylons View Post
    I remember sitting in bed and the TV being on downstairs in the living room. I recall it being shown at 9.00pm on Thames Television, so my recollection of it is the Quincy theme tune being preceded by the Thames theme.

    I have never really watched an episode of this from beginning to end, though.
    Central shown it at 9.00 pm on Monday evenings in the mid 1980s, although not all regions shown it - some of them shown repeats of Minder. I bet that it was a different episode shown to the London one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zabadak View Post
    He was also in the TV series version of The Odd Couple, with Tony Randall

    Yes, I remember him being in the TV version of The Odd Couple. It was on in the early 70s, maybe on BBC. I think it was also repeated in the 80s as I have a vague recollection of also watching it then.

    As for Quincy, yes it was a decent show. I won't say I am a big fan, but it strove to be a bit different by making the hero in a crime series not a private eye or police officer.

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    I remember the BBC repeated Quincy in the late 1990s.
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    Just seen Quincy on ITV 4. How does he get all those good-looking women?

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