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    Little wooden and plastic dolls that had no legs, just a round post. They fitted into their custom-made cars and chairs.I remember I had the whole family pictured above. The original Little People were introduced by Fisher Price in 1959 and always had the same round head and elongated, two-inch high bodies. There were several different Little People series including the Jumbo Little People, that were over three inches tall, the Construction Series (that came complete with hard hats), Woodsies (forest animals) and Chunky Little People.


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    Hiya - Little People are still out there in the toy market - made by Fisher Price. The amount of stuff you can get for them is amazing - my eldest is 31/2 and he's got the village, circus and castle (which comes with a little people dragon!). They're made of plastic now, not wood but my kids love them.

    I can also remember the weebles ....'weebles wobble but they won't fall down' - similar to Little People but a ball bearing weighted bottom (I think???) - not seen those for ages but I had heard they were coming back as a limited edition, when I don't know, but it would be good to see them again.
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