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    It was not long after Virgin Radio started. I had been listening to Virgin the day before and left the radio on in the car. The next day my two young daughters got into the back, my wife in the front and I switched on and the radio came on as I was backing out of the drive. It was lunchtime.

    A male and a female presenter were chatting (about sex) and the man said, "Well, when I have finished I toss my condom up onto the window ledge"

    I hit the off switch so fast and Virgin Radio never went on again ............

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    Nice. Probably the same show that my neighbour's builders had on one day, where my 8-y.o. self at the top of a climbing frame was treated to a story involving a guy whose wife was an identical twin, and he squeezed the wrong sister's boobs from behind. Memorable as the first time I heard an adult say 'boobs'.

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    Being sick in the back of an amubalnce after an athma attack with the nebuilser still on.

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