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Thread: tiny babies ?

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    Default tiny babies ?

    Does anyone remember what this toy was called, it was tiny babies in either a bottle, book, ice cream and shoes etc
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    Tinkle tots?

    Originally posted by davidthomas27
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    Oh yeh I remember them but there not the ones i was thinking of lol Any other ideas?

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    This thread maybe worth a view, theres a few small banies dolls mentioned.

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    Thank you but unfortunatley none of them are the ones i am thinking of. I will try to explain better as to what they are:

    There is quite a few of them, they are tiny plastic babies in either a bottle, purse, icecream,shoe, book etc which open so that the baby can fit inside.

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    I think I might be able to help... I think you might be looking for "Mimi and Goo Goo's" Check out this website, let me know if these are the little ones your looking for...
    Mimi & the Goo Goos - Home


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    Well done Ash! Got to be them.

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    You see, I bought a Tinkle Tot because I couldn't believe that someone had actually made such a thing (and for potential use as a water pistol if I'm honest - ha ha look what I'm hitting you with).

    But those other things are disturbing - look in your burger and what will you find?

    Something uncomfortable, perhaps...

    California Cheeseburger!!!

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