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Thread: Mettoy/Wembley Kites

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    I had the Wembley Barnstormer Stunt Kite as a kid, that thing was magical!

    Great seeing those pictures of the other kites, I remember seeing them for sale at Holiday Camp shops when I was a kid, I seem to remember buying the Spider-man one and also a similar Batman one to fly on holiday on the beach.

    I have a cheap stunt kite now too which i'll fly with my sons when they are older.

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    I never had any Kites that had a name like Wembley, but sure as night ollows day having Kites was an immense source of enjoyment as a a kid (when I had my Kite phase) and like a "Letter In a Bottle", I always dreamed (or should that be "dare to dream") of my Kite reaching far shores (and recieving a note as toa ckowledge it got there)

    For many years too before FB etc etc took over the 'net I was a member of long standing Kite Forum portraying my memories of Kites of every size (again I must re-check out that Forum0, but sadly upon last checking in it was heading towards defunct-status, no thanks to FB etc etc!1


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