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When I was an apprentice (late 80s) there was a chap who worked in one of the other parts of the factory who used to walk past the Toolroom sometimes (there were doors at either end of the Toolroom which opened out into main corridor where all staff clocked in/out). He had a syrup, he must have bought it before his hair went grey as it was brown, it was also quite threadbare. His "nickname" was Wiggy, you knew when he was coming past due to the chorus of "syrrrruuuuuuuuupppp" that got chanted as he went past by the Toolmakers. I guess it wouldn't be tolerated now, although the guys did have to cover up their page three posters when they showed school kids around on school visits to the factory.
These days, I always think "time for a haircut" when the hair on my head starts to look as if I am wearing a wig.