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Thread: satellite television

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    Default satellite television

    I have some good memories of satellite tv, better known as Sky. We first had Sky either 1990/91, can't quite remember. What I do recall so far are:

    Sky One: I used to tape The Simpsons every Sunday night at 6.30

    TCC (The Children's Channel): One channel that I miss so much, one show I can remember was Head to Head, it had two opponents battling it out with popular video games.

    I used to watch Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network regularly.

    And of course, MTV. My mother taped most of the music videos on there, we still have the tapes somewhere.

    Anyone had Sky more than 10 years ago? Just asking.

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    Default Re: satellite television

    I've never had Sky myself but a lot of my friends during the early 90's did. I can't remember what the exact channels a lot of these shows were on but here are my memories anyway:

    Sky Sports: My friends and I were always massive wrestling fans so getting to watch it on the Sky Sports channels was always a real treat for me. Sometimes my friends would record all the big events and bring them into school for me, I remember always watching them as soon as I got home.

    The Children's Channel: My only memories of this are off a video tape a mate let me borrow many years ago which he said had the first Star Wars movie on. I sat down ready in anticipation of the battle between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader but instead found out that the tape had hours of children's channel cartoons on it.

    Pee Wee's Playhouse: I can remember watching this on a Sunday morning at my mate's house, we were slightly too old to be watching it but I think we were just mesmerised by just how bizaare this show was.

    Power Rangers: Back in the early 90's this show was the most important thing to us as kids, nothing else mattered! I began watching it on ITV but my mates got to see all the episodes early on one of the Sky channels. I remember going into school one morning and a few of my mates were talking about the latest episode which they had just watched.

    Nickelodeon: This had some fantastic shows on it, my cousin introduced me to Pete and Pete and Are You Afraid of The Dark?. One of my best mates always watched Keenan and Kel and his sister always watched Clarissa Explains It All, and who can forget Rugrats?

    I'll probably remember a few more things but those should do for now!

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    Default Re: satellite television

    I used to like power rangers, just the mighty morphin series.
    As for Nickelodeon, I loved the nicktoons, especially Rugrats.
    Pee-Wee's Playhouse was odd but cool. My sis watched Clarissa a lot, but my mum hated it. LOL

    Palazzo, sorry about the Star Wars dilemma. LOL
    Hope your friend kept the videotape.

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    Default Re: satellite television

    i had cable very early 90s then sat about 92, there was some great stuff on, finished a royal mail shift about 3 am and got home in time to see stray cats live on rtl channel in a programme i think called rock on the rhine, also seen some strange stuff on various channels when i re scanned it
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    Default Re: satellite television

    Oh yes, happy memories of my Amstrad 16 channel satellite receiver (SRX 200) and a huge solid white satellite dish clamped to the house.

    I distinctly remember the gameshow Tutti Frutti on the German channel RTL in the early 1990s. Amusing post-pub entertainment as it didnít matter if you didnít speak German, it was mostly visual entertainment.

    I also had a FilmNet decoder to unscramble reasonably new movies that were broadcast from Holland, some of which, as I recall, would be rather racy.

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    Default Re: satellite television

    Talking of foreign channels, on one of my mother's MTV tapes, there's a music programme called 'Mini Playback Show', it was on RTL4. It featured young people dressed up as popstars and miming along to their songs.

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    Default Re: satellite television


    And of course, MTV. My mother taped most of the music videos on there, we still have the tapes somewhere.

    keep hold of those tapes wispa
    they could become collectors pieces !

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    Default Re: satellite television

    I remember getting SKY installed on Dec 23 1991, was so excited. We had a state of the art ( for the time ) Fergusson SRD4 videocrypt decoder.

    It was great, as well as all the channels listed by the other posters you also had Screensport (owned by W H Smiths), which later merged with Eurosport which in-turn was originally part owned by SKY before the BSB merger. My mother loved Lifestyle also owned by WH Smiths, the womens channel showing loads of US soaps, detective shows and teleshopping. The novelty of watching "Amazing Discoveries with Mike Levy" never wore off. Lifestyle shared space on Astra 1A transponder 5 with the Childrens Channel ( before it changed it's name to TCC ) then after 11pm it turned in to satellite jukebox.

    I got so excited when SKY Multi Channels launched.

    Sky One
    Sky News
    UK Gold
    UK Living
    Nick at Nite*
    The Family Channel*

    The channels with * all time shared but, it was great. So excited. The choice doubled over night.

    It just got better every year with more channel launches although did get a bit crazy in the later days when Tp47 had 8 channels on it!!!

    CCE 4am-7am
    Sky Soap Mon-Fri 7am-11am
    Sky Travel Mon-Fri 11am-4pm
    The History Channel Mon-Fri 4pm-7pm
    Sci-Fi Channel Mon-Wed 7pm-10pm
    Sky Sports Gold Mon-Wed 10pm-1am
    Sci-Fi Channel Every night 1am-4am

    Thankfully they eventually moved Sky Soap, History and Sci-Fi to Tp24 and Sky Travel to Tp44 as a weekdays only service with Sky Movies Gold.

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    Default Re: satellite television

    Does anyone else remember the Global ADX channel expander, that you could buy from SKY for £9.99 to allow you to get the extra Astra 1D channels

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    Default Re: satellite television

    did anyone buy a squarial ?

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