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Thread: school uniforms

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    Our uniform was a dark blue blazer, white cotton shirt, grey flannel trousers, blue ribbed wool v-neck and a black tie (there was a rumour that we were still in mourning for Queen Victoria!). Oh yes, and our underwear had to be white and our socks had to be black, dark grey or Navy blue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twocky61 View Post
    Trouble with school uniforms parents had to buy them from the authorised shop that had the school contract. No buying of uniforms allowed from outlets such as C&A or the equivalent back then to George at Asda & TU Sainsbury. It is obvious schools received a cut of the profits before they started selling off playing fields
    We could select par the Blazer, Tie, and School Crest for the Blazer from ny other Shop

    I recall going from Primary - we got a list and it had all these Coloured Jumpers on - Burgendy, Navy, Grey, Black etc and I thought wow fine a nice choice here, though they had not defined which Schools it applied to. I guess at least we could have Navy or Black at my Secondary so a choice existed

    On a sub-note on the first day in Year 7/1st Year I made a Conserevative effort to not wear a Jumper as we had got Shirt and Blazer anyhow and probably a Coat - so I guessed doing that eqauted to looking cool minus a Jumper - then all mates "ribbed" me jokingly say it was mandatory - then how times changed in I often had a Jumper on from Oct to Feb or so and no mates did'nt ... so the screw was well and truly turned there to make me look daft after I thought/realized!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Silver Bear View Post
    Any boy at my school who had turned up in a skirt would have had six of the best!
    Sounds like something out of a St Trinian's film.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard1978 View Post
    It seems every secondary school had at least one teacher who used to ruthlessly implement the uniform policy.

    There was one at mine, but I never managed to fall foul of him, though it helped I tried to stick to the rules & was was based in another school building.
    We had a few who was keen at mine, Richard - but they never went o.t.t ruthlessly

    My 2nd school was way more keen than the first - but the first one told you first day in Year 7 - what to expect and though the 2nd was more keen (they had more "favourites" as such who they'd let off)!!


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