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Thread: Anyone remember DAREDEVIL?

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    Default Anyone remember DAREDEVIL?

    Anyone remember a toy figure called 'DARE DEVIL'? No, not the Marvel Comics superhero but a 9 inch tall jointed figure, think Big Jim or Action Man with myriad outfits. He was made by Model Toys and was from the same makers as H.A.V.O.C. dolls...?

    I recently snagged on on ebay for the princely sum of all of 3 quid dressed in a tropical soldiers jungle uniform, no weapons mind you...

    Anyhow, I've seen outfits such as Mexican Bandit, Cavalry Officer, Cavalry Soldier, Knight, Show Jumper, Cowboy, Red Indian and Red Indian Chief....

    Looks pretty, anyone recall these dolls or have any to sell?

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    Default Re: Anyone remember DAREDEVIL?

    Thats odd. The one I have has jointed arms like a normal Mego figure. Its defo not some kitbash. They must have scrapped the rubbery arms after a while.....

    Oh and your welcome Ian....SF1378 aka the former Panzer Captain.....

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    Default Re: Anyone remember DAREDEVIL?

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