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    In my view the best Superhero ever!

    Shame he ain't here now to sort our current mess out.

    Captain Britain , also briefly known as Britannic, was created by X-Men writer Chris Claremont and Incredible Hulk artist Herb Trimpe, the character first appeared in Captain Britain Weekly #1 (October 13, 1976). The character was later revamped in the mid-1980ís in stories written by acclaimed British writer Alan Moore and artist Alan Davis.

    Captain Britain was meant to be the British equivalent of Captain America (who made a number of guest appearances in the original series; along with his arch-foe, The Red Skull). Endowed with extraordinary powers by the legendary magician Merlyn and his daughter Roma, Captain Britain was assigned to uphold the laws of Britain.

    Brian Braddock was a shy and studious youth, living a relatively quiet life in a small town with his parents and siblings (older brother Jamie and his fraternal twin Elisabeth). After the death of his parents in an automobile accident, Brian accepted a fellowship at Darkmoore Nuclear Research Center. When the facility was attacked by the Reaver, Brian escaped on his motorcycle, seeking help. Although he soon fatally crashed on his motorcycle, Merlyn and his daughter the Omniversal Guardian Roma, resurrected Brian. They offered him the chance to become a superhero! He was asked to choose either the Amulet of Right or the Sword of Might. Considering himself to be no warrior and unsuited for the challenge, Brian rejected the Sword and chose the Amulet. This decision transformed young Brian Braddock into Englandís Champion, Captain Britain.
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    I had a friend at school who left to go live in the US around the time of Captain Britain. With both of us being mad marvelites in '76 we made a deal that I would send him over copies of CB in exchange for various US Marvel titles. It lasted for a little while and then we both just stopped as, I guess, we drifted off into other interests and friends (as 12/13 year old boys are won't to do). I've still got a few issues that were meant to go stateside but never did.

    Fairly formulaic stuff but good fun and I quite liked Trimpe's artwork.

    I'll have to go dig 'em out and have a read tonight

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    I don't know about the original Captain Britain, but I was always facinated by my friends graffic novel (Alan Moore - I believe), back in the eighties. I asked him for it a few years ago. He said it was lost in his loft, but I'm not sure I believed him!
    Finally got a new copy in 2005, It didn't dissapoint.

    But here's what I want to know:

    Did Captain Britain feature in a comic series called: The Knights Of Pendragon?

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