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Thread: Two New Old Trains

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    Default Two New Old Trains

    Both recent eBay acquisitions.
    Neither appear ever to have been played with, which I find rather sad.

    The Faller Loco is a reasonable attempt at a Stephenson Patentee, as was "Der Adler", the first stem loco to run officially in Germany.

    The Shuttle Train is reminiscent of some of the 40's to 60's tinplane clockwork shunting trains but is far more complex, with a powered turntable and fairly delicate mechanisms. I've never seen anything quite like it. It can't have been a toy with much survivability in a child's hands.

    The "Shuttle" is American: "Child Guidance Products, inc."
    My cousin had several impressive American toys and I finally worked out why: his much older brother was in the British Army in Germany, and bought them from American army families having a sale before moving back to the USA.

    Anyone had, have or seen similar?
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