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Thread: swimming lessons

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    Sooooo I lived about 100 yards from
    Len Fairclough and walked past his luxury bungalow each school day - we were so impressed with having one of the world’s most famous people on our ‘doorstep’ UNTIL he was arrested for ‘incidents’ involving young children- in the public baths at Ramsbottom !!

    Thankfully I would only ever go to Bury baths as it was far bigger and of course very familiar !!

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    I used to go to a pool in Stockport with the changing rooms around the sides.

    It was very small, bing only 5 by 10 metres.

    We would get taken by coach from school as it was too far to walk.

    Years ago the pool was pulled down & the area redeveloped.
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    I just remembered that in around 1987 the regular leisure centre that we had our swimming lessons was closed due to renovation, and so we had to travel a few miles on the bus to another leisure centre which happens to be in the area that I live in now (27 years before I moved), and that was my very first taste of this area.

    Our regular swimming pool had changing rooms around the sides as well.
    I am now in my 40s (just in case anyone asks).

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