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    I had this game! I was talking about it to my Dad last week and he doesn't remember! You went around the board with your hollow bus picking up passengers at bus stops! you had to avoid "Blakey"! or you had to drop all your passengers and start again! No-one remembers this game! Am I mad!! It was in the seventies, when "On the Buses" was on the telly!

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    Up to 4 can play.
    Each Player has to try to get all his/her Passengers back to the Bus Station 1 or 2 at a time,or all 3 together. Passengers Travel on the Buses,which are moved around the Board by Players using Bus Tickets.
    4 Buses
    6 Bus Stops
    12 Passengers(3 of each colour,mother,boy and girl)
    1 Pack of Cards
    1 Game Board

    Hope that helps..

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    Hey, I remember this game! It was fantastic - thanks for posting the photos - might try and buy it off eBay!

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    I REMEMBER. I was beginning to think I was getting it mixed up with another game cos no-one else remembers it. So glad I'm not the only one, I'm not going mad after all hahaha

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    i have this . the box is abit damp . but still good as new

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