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    Noted by many as the show that single-handedly broke boundaries for a Saturday morning kid's show, two blokes who used to be called PJ and Duncan and a former MTV VJ - that's Ant McPartlin, Declan Donnelly and Cat Deeley to you and me - arrived with SM:TV in the autumn of 1998 (short for Saturday Morning Television Live) on ITV. Complete with the usual mix of celebrity guests, cartoons and games - ranging from Challenge Ant to Wonky Donkey - and features like the Pokerap (a rap orientated spoof of regular SM:TV cartoon Pokemon), the Postbag dance and C.H.U.M.S (a spoof of US flatshare sitcom Friends), this unlikely trio carried on together into the early 00's with this show and it's sister show, CD:UK (a chart based music show), picking up a BAFTA or two along the way as well. Proper hangover telly to start your weekend with.


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    This was the best thing to happen to Saturday morning tv since Tiswas. Brilliant!

    'Dreams come true if you want them to'

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