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Thread: late 80's possibly early 90's live action kid's show

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    Default late 80's possibly early 90's live action kid's show

    There was a TV show I used to watch at the weekends in the mornings. I used to love it but can't for the life of me remember what it was called.

    Here's what I remember:
    There was a boy who when he fell asleep traveled to another world/dimension a little reminiscent of the tribe.
    I remember a lot of it being in the woods.
    I think the boy was ill and this was why he could travel there.
    There was always a sense or urgency and hiding a lot I think.

    And that's all I can remember other than I used to be addicted to it. I would guess I was between 5 - 8 years old so between 1989 - 1993

    It was a live action tv show

    Any ideas. I know they are really vague descriptions lol

    I have been searching but to no avail. I've even considered buying old tv guides lmao.

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    Default Re: late 80's possibly early 90's live action kid's show

    Hi there...think it is "The Odyssey" (see The Odyssey (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). You're right about the boy being ill - he has an accident and goes into a coma whereupon he enters the fantasy world of the 'Odyssey'.

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    Ok you officially rock!! You have save me many hours of wanting to smack my head against a wall! Thank you

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