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Thread: Oil-fired central heating

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    Default Oil-fired central heating

    Who lived in a house with OFCH ?? We had our old Potterton oil-fired boiler until 1986 and the bill to fill up the old oil tank in our back garden was astronomical towards the end. I remember on windy days the boiler used to blow out, spewing acrid black, greasy, sooty smoke all over the house, it was vile!

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    My secondary school oil fired central heating, but I can't think of anyone who had it at home. I guess oil prices going up in the 1970s made them unpopular.

    My Aunt & Uncle used to have some odd gas powered hot air system, which they got rid of because it wasn't good for my cousin's asthma, & it was maintained on an expensive contract.

    My Uncle was suspicious that when the engineer came round to give it a service there was always something that needed replacing, which cost a fair amount each time.

    Some people on thier estate didn't bother to replace that type of system, but stopping having it serviced, so it was common in winter to see rather foul black smoke coming out the flues.

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    I didn't when I grew up, but I do now!

    First house, as child, no central heating: coal fires, electric bar heaters and parafin stoves.
    Second house: gas central heating, including being converted to natural gas for town gas, along with anyone else.

    Apart from bedsits and lodgings, feeding the dreaded electric meter, the two house I have previously owned myself have had mains gas central heating.

    But here, up on the edge of Bodmin Moor, b'aint no gas main. I have oil central heating which ticks over to provide hot water all year, and I can vary that with either of two multifuel wood/coal stoves over the winter.

    Boiler's five years old and is fine on an annual service, but any major problem and it'll get replaced with a condensing one, at better efficiency.
    I'm not rich enough to do that without a thought, and not poor enough to get a decent grant. So it goes...
    "It's never too late to have a happy childhood."

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    No central heating in home as a child,only coal fires I cant remember being cold or freezing anyway,you could never beat a nice warm coal fire,with a log burning it would last all night.Coal fires would keep the walls lovely and warm anyway,I hated gas fires when they came into fashion in the 70,s

    During the 60,s we had harsh winters heavy snowfalls.I can remember that

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