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Thread: Toy from 1990's...Detective/Spy kit in brown folder?

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    Default Toy from 1990's...Detective/Spy kit in brown folder?

    Does anyone remember this at all? I'm desperately trying to hunt this down for someone as a present, but I cannot find it anywhere on the web.

    The few details I do remember are:

    - It was all contained in a brown A4 sized folder made from cardboard

    - It contained a book with detective 'tips'. The only tip I remember was to put a a wet hair over the door frame when the door is closed, and if it has disappeared when you return, it means someone has opened that door!

    - I have been told it contained other items such as a magnifying glass, and possibly powder of some sort to take fingerprints.

    I am 23 so have worked out I would have owned this in the 90's, but more specifically, around '93-'97.

    Any help or pictures will be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Toy from 1990's...Detective/Spy kit in brown folder?

    Maybe it was fun fax? I used to have the spy one. Maybe it's what you are thinking of?

    Google Image Result for

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