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Thread: Please help, 90's action figuers

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    Default Please help, 90's action figuers

    i used to have these action figuers, the size of GI JOES, in a pack you got a soldier with a painted white, black, red, grey, yellow or green shirt (4 to a team) a few weapons and a part of a jet/plane. each team of 4 made one plane, but if you got them all you could make one massive jet. it also had a joystick like holder for the massive jet with sound effects like gunfire

    i went mad for them, but cant remember what they where called

    any help in the right direction would be greatly appreciated

    thanks guys


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    Default Re: Please help, 90's action figuers

    hi mex

    after getting board and muching around the forums. I may have an answer for you

    you might of found what you were looking for after all this time (after 8 years i hope so) but after some research i may have found your answer i remember them a little. I think they were called unifighters made by galoob. The following link holds more information

    with regards


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    Default Re: Please help, 90's action figuers

    I remember them too

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