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Thread: Sonic Or Mario?

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    Question Sonic Or Mario?

    My 2 sons are always arguing over which is best.

    My 21 year old likes Sonic best and my 17 year old likes Mario best.
    They've set up all sorts of debates online about it and I wondered what you gaming members think.

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    Mario for me!

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    This is one of those that will go on for eternity, because they are both the bigest videogame rivals ever, and similar in some ways... yet Sonic is all about speed and power, Mario is more about subtlelty and finesse.

    Both required good timing and eye coordination, but although they are allways trying to surpass eachother, somehow they're very diferent.

    Even if some people have prefer one over the other, it's a question which has no answer.

    It's all a matter of preference.
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    Mario for me all the way, I was always a Nintendo fan during the days of Mega Drive and Super Nintendo. I just loved the Mario games so much more that any of Sonic's library, while I was by no means fantastic at either game(s), Mario's characters, music and levels just appealed more to me.

    I will say though that I loved Sonic's games on the Game Gear, played them a hell of a lot when I was younger.

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    Default Re: Sonic Or Mario?

    Mario all the way!!!
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    I Vote Mario!

    I could always take it at an easier pace none of this fast pace rolling around the screens missing everything in sight, the hedgehog was just a blue blur!!

    Mario et al were much cuter, and the scenes were fantastic and mystical.
    The badies and the stories were very Japanese, the koopers and the lakitu, piranha plants and the cute little shy guys.

    Yoshis island was very cool too, a little trippy in places litterally, the little green dragon takes some drugs, the level was called
    Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy. You cant get better than that.
    YouTube - Yoshi's Island - Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy 01

    I dont think Sonic model really developed enough as a concept, the sega mdrive was a poor second to the Nintendo systems in general.

    .....funny enough though I recently had this DS game which had Mario V's Sonic characters in the Olympics, very strange indeed.
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    I was a mario kid all the way! I was Nintendo bread through & through from the NES to the Game Boy to the SNES..etc!! I used to lose days & weeks engrossed in Super Mario Bros 1, 2 & especially 3 & World. Good shout on Yoshis Island Bun, that was a genius game!! My jaw just dropped clean through the floor when I finally got my mits on Mario64 though. The game was just unreal!! I'd never seen anything like it & I played it until my hands were stumps!! Galaxy is insane too!

    Sonic was great fun no doubt but not in the class of the plumbing brothers!!

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    Sonic. The Mario games just don't really do anything for me.

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    Neither. Gimme Resident evil any day of the week.

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