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    These were trousers where the bottoms flared out from the knee downwards. They were similar in fashion to loon pants or flares, and you usually wore them with a matching tank-top. They were worn by men and women in the 70s, despite the incredible tightness around the thighs and bottom region. Hippies especially adopted bell-bottoms as part of their uniform, along with crocheted vests, tie-dye and love beads. Some believe bell-bottoms originate from the wide trousers worn by the us Navy in the early 19th Century. More recently, though, Sonny and Cher played a part in bringing bell-bottoms to the mainstream when they wore them on their TV programme.


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    It was 1972, I was 11 years old. My Bell Bottoms were bought in order that I had something new and 'with-it' to wear for my little brother's Christening. They were a thick, heavy cord and supposedly 'gold' though they were actually more of a rich sandy colour. The waistband was about three inches wide with three or four buttons. Very tight round the middle and backside. I've been looking for a pic online but can't find one. Boy, I loved those bell bottoms! (Worn with a white jumper and big heavy platform shoes!)
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    1970s kitsch overload!

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    Oh huggie!!

    Well, none of them are sporting my particular slacks but what a flashback! Especially love the chap in the cardy and tie. Funny now but not then. Or was it?

    *sighs for lost youth*

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    What a fab pic Heather! Takes me so far back it's scary!

    'Dreams come true if you want them to'

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