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    Yes, you are right there. Atari apparently never gave E.T to game testers before it's release because they thought it would be a huge success due to it's previous games having sold well.

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    E.T took only 5 weeks to develop and was rushed through production in order to hit the shelves for Christmas 1982. It did quite well initially due to the success of the film and brand loyalty to Atari but there were many returns with people claiming the game was monotonous and repetitive with E.T falling down pits. Trying to escape from the pits was considered time consuming. Spielberg was unimpressed with the concept and had asked if Atari could design something similar to Pacman. The documentary I mentioned in a previous post, Atari: Game Over is on YouTube if anyone's interested.

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    When I see the old Atari logo (mostly in old 1980s Argos catalogues), it reminds me a bit like the TVS logo upside down it you know what I mean. Not surprisingly as they were popular around 1982.
    Telling it almost exactly like it was so many years later - and proud of doing so!

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    Got my 2600 for my 12th birthday and I loved it. Came with Joust which was a fantastic 2 player and I got Pole Position, Megamania and Planet Patrol to start off with. I think the hate for the 2600's Pac Man is totally unjust. The first time I ever saw Pac Man was on the 2600 and I thought it was great fun. A common complaint is that when you take a power pill the way the ghosts flicker make it hard to tell if they are safe to eat or not. That complaint is nonsense because you can easily see the change from pink to blue. My friend along the road swapped me her Jr Pac man for my Joust and wow, what a game. It was almost arcade quality and was the first 2600 I played that had music.

    Around 2001 my mate from across the road sold me an old model 2600 for 5. Couldn't grumble at that. It came with 2 joysticks, Combat and Phoenix. And it came with something I'd been after for years: a pair of paddles. I've had the game Video Olympics for years but was never able to play it because it's a paddle game. Because the paddles came in pairs you could get up to 4 players. A mate of mine had Indy 500 for it and that was the only game I ever saw that needed the Driving Controller. That controller was the same as the paddles except it came as a single unit.

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