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Thread: Mehdi (Belle and Sebastian)

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    Default Mehdi (Belle and Sebastian)

    I thought other members would be interested in these pictures:

    Mehdi in 'Sebastian and the Horses', a sequel to 'Belle and Sebastian' which evidently aired in the UK but of which I can find practically no information. Can anyone help?

    Mehdi with his Mum, Cecile Aubry; writer and director of 'Belle and Sebastian'.

    This seems to be a second sequel to the original series. It only aired in France.

    Mehdi, a little older.

    Also, take a look at:
    YouTube - Le jeune Fabre
    ...clips from a film, 'Le Jeune Fabre'. The theme is sung by Demis Roussos!

    YouTube - Medhi
    ...some fascinating home movie footage and clips from his TV and film work.

    I just thought that all of the above would interest those who watched and enjoyed the original 'Belle and Sebastian' - and/or have enjoyed it since via the DVD releases.

    One thing I have not found is a picture of Mehdi as he appears today. He is evidently a film and TV producer. Can anyone help with this also?

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    Default Re: Mehdi (Belle and Sebastian)

    How do you pronounce Mehdi?

    If it's how I think it is then it's a little too close for comfort to a very rude French word.

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    lol ! No, the middle sound is a short 'e' as in 'bed' with a slight guttural 'kh' afterwards. It's weird you should ask, as earlier today I looked up the pronunciation and found this amazing site!

    Pronunciation of mehdi - pronounce mehdi correctly in English.

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    PM sent regarding Sebastian and the Horses Marine Boy.I will leave it to you to begin discussions regarding it etc.

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