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    Action was blood and guts in graphic detail - aimed at every horrible schoolboy on the planet, it was much sought after by me and my peers.

    Concerns over the comic's violent content saw it withdrawn from sale in October 16 1976. It reappeared the following month, in toned-down form, and continued publication until November 12 1977. Despite its short lifespan, Action was highly influential on the British comics scene, and was a direct forerunner of the long-running 2000 AD.

    The early issues pick up decent prices on ebay etc.

    Action (comics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    ahhh yes.....Hook Jaw, Hellman, and - especially - Kids Rule OK

    Bought some of the early issues back then...I remember having a pull-out game from it..Magnum Force view of a US city..

    ....but I favoured WW2 stories so preferred Battle instead (which of course Action merged with in 1977)..still got 'em all from March 75


    includes piccies of the banned issue that were never released


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    I rememer in The Young Ones Rik & Vyvian had a discussion about military themed comics, & I was wondering if the writers had Action in mind.

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    Bought Action as a kid and loved the Hook Jaw strip. It got banned for a short time and the press labeled it "the seven penny nightmare" for its graphic violence.
    Bought almost the entire collection issue by issue along with summer annuals off e-bay about 6 years ago. The full set of comics alone is worth around 500.

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    ha ha yea richard i love tha young ones episode its called flood

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    The Sun newspaper had an article on the comic, including some of the more graphic panels. As soon as I saw that article I bought the comic until it was banned then came back in its tame form, whereupon I didn't buy it anymore.

    I liked Hookjaw, Dredger, Death Game 1999, Hell's Highway and Kids Rule OK. There was a football strip--Look out for Lefty?--that got into trouble for showing hooliganism on the terraces. Hookjaw was sometimes in colour, so the copious blood was very vivid. Actually, Action included for several issues a pull-out that joined together to make a poster of underwater scenes of sharks eating people, and it was proudly displayed on my bedroom wall for years.

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    I have heard of it - I thought that it was a football magazine or something. Never bought it though.
    Telling it almost exactly like it was so many years later - and proud of doing so!

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