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Thread: ornaments from the 70s/80s

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    My mum had lots of ornaments on our mantlepieces, mainly figures, with various brass pieces that needed cleaning with Brasso. She also had ornaments on the hearths, including a big brass dog and a plaster shire horse with all its bridles, brasses etc. We still have them, though not so many. The shire horse was given to us by my gran. She bought it secondhand around 1978 or so. It had a few little chips, but a brand new one was very expensive at the time.

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    When Granny died you could have her ashes embedded in a glass paper weight lol

    Do you really believe the other side without provocation would launch so many ICBM's, subs and ships knowing that we would have no option to launch as well? It would break our MAD Treaty (Mutually Assured Destruction) not to mention the end of the world as we know it.

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    I think most of the crappy decorations my mum had up were ones us kids bought her for Mothers Day from the local cheap shops.

    My Dad didn't have that problem as Fathers Day we always got him a box of Henry Winterman's or hankies.

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