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Thread: Clarks Commandos

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    Quote Originally Posted by stuckinthe80's View Post
    I had a pair of Tuf shoes in the early 80's. Prefered Clarkes though.
    I missed out on Tuf Wayfarers, the shoes with animal track soles and a compass in the heal, and was a little too old for Clark's Commandos. However, for most of the time at school and college I had Tuf shoes. I was bought a pair at about thirteen. They were the typical "mudguard" Tuf style school shoes with a six month guarnatee against fair wear and tear. They greatly exceeded the guarantee period, try as I might, so when they eventually wore out I was bought another pair and then another. Actually they were a great shoe. They were a bit stiff to start with but became very flexible and comfortable with a little bit of use. They were easy to polish up and, if you didn't bother, turned a quite distinctive grey colour. The only problem with them was that everyone knew you were wearing Tuf shoes which did nothing for my street cred. Like wearing NHS glasses. I had those too!

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    Here is the latest version of pathfinder shoes....dont laugh

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    Very much of the "Back to School" variety was Clarks - I am sure that I got blisters for the first couple of weeks of the autumn term when wearing them (school uniform of course).

    Reminded me of Birthday Shoes - are those still being made and sold? I know that my own birthday was close to the end of the summer holidays but I assumed that it was just a coincidence at the time. Mind you, a pair of shoes that I have at the moment has gone full circle as they are like that now, and I have had them for a few years.
    Telling it almost exactly like it was so many years later - and proud of doing so!

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