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Thread: Sound on dyr adverts

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    OMG I just got the shock of my life, I was posting a reply on the fingers crossed thread, I was copying and paste where I had my info from, all of a sudden fanfares and cheering go off I jumped out of my skin and thought it was because I had pinched info from another site.
    I was alarmed as the fanfare was still going off when I shut down the other web page. I rebooted ran a quick check deleted all my cookies, an came back to the thread again, off it goes again, omg I though I was doomed, just as panic set in I notice on the advert for "oxo X facter" a little speaker, ran my mouse over it and off it went again.

    might not have been so bad but I had my volume set to full

    Anyway all you veiwers at work beware if you run your mouse over these ads (I did not click it) your office may get a shock if you too have your volume switched on.

    Me? I'm off for a lie down!!!!!

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    I never have my sound up

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    Cool, I've never jumped so much in all my life

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    These always catch me out.

    'Dreams come true if you want them to'

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    LOL I've been visting forums for a number of years now and thats the first one I've ever come across

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    I spotted this - turned my sound on - put my cursor above the box ready to click and then stuck my head up out of the booth at work and looked about to see if coast is clear.

    Manager Alert! --------- try again later

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