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Thread: Anyone remember this Heinz advert...

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    Default Anyone remember this Heinz advert...

    In the 1990's, Heinz baked beans had an advert which was a song full of silly words. It went something like this:

    Diddly bummer, diddly bummer, doppa dippa dido
    Diddly bummer, diddly bummer, heinz buildz brits


    I can't remember much else, but it was just silly words that didn't mean anything and it went really fast. I can't remember what was on the screen, i just remember hearing the song.

    Me and my friend, watched it over and over and wrote down the words and learnt it off by heart (we had WAY to much time on our hands!!)

    I need to know that someone else remembers this (surely it wasn't all in my head!)

    i have tried searching on youtube but can't find it. it's pretty obscure.

    I'd be grateful for any help.

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    Hi, I did a quick google search of "Heinz Buildz Britz" and it was a slogan they used in the late 90's, but apparently the adverts were quickly dropped after a surprise decline in sales, the slogan was quickly reverted back to Beanz Meanz Heinz.

    Done a quick search but cant yet find the actual advert.

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    Default Re: Anyone remember this Heinz advert...

    I'm not surprised there was sales dip. what a terrible ad

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    IIRC they were all kids who wanted to grow up into say the prime minister, eat beans and get a good old british job to be proud of

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    Default Re: Anyone remember this Heinz advert...

    Thanks for your replies. At least i now know that it did actually exist!

    i really wish i could watch it again

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    Default Re: Anyone remember this Heinz advert...

    Boring info that beefs up the replies....

    Another famous slogan is "Beanz Meanz Heinz", used in the 1960s and beyond to advertise their baked beans in the United Kingdom. Variations of this slogan were used over time, such as "A million housewives every day pick up a tin of Beans and say, Beanz Meanz Heinz", or "Don't be mean with the Beans Mum, Beanz Meanz Heinz". The slogan was put in abeyance during the 1990s, and officially dropped in favor of "Heinz Buildz Britz" c.1996, but after a surprise decline in sales, the new slogan was quickly dropped. In 2002, the company used the nostalgia that by this time surrounded the slogan by running a campaign called "Keep it or can it?" in which Heinz ads from the 1960s and 1970s were re-run, with the addition of an invitation to the public to vote on whether the slogan should be kept. The result was, as expected, a massive majority in favor of keeping the slogan. This, however, was not immediately acted upon, with Heinz's subsequent ad campaign using the slogan "The bean. The superbean." instead, although in 2004 they started spelling "Baked Beanz" with a "z" on their beans, which is seen as a reminder of the slogan, and in 2006 it was announced that the company are planning to re-introduce the slogan in a future campaign. From 2007 the company is again using the slogan "Beanz Meanz Heinz" in its campaigns.

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    Default Re: Anyone remember this Heinz advert...

    I di diddly bom, diddly bom a di do, whoops diddly yum a dum a working on your bits

    Good job I didn't dream this, noone else seems to remember it

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    Default Re: Anyone remember this Heinz advert...

    whoop diddly whoop whoop Heinz Buildz Brits!

    I really liked this ad and remember it well. The tunes in my head but not the lyrics. I think it started with reference to somebodies puny legs. "They were a like a couple of *something* holding? two *something*. Something like that then half way through there was a shot of legs getting hairy. Far better that Beanz Mean Heinz IMO

    Never been a Heinz beans fan though. Prefer HP beans.
    1976 Vintage

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    Default Re: Anyone remember this Heinz advert...

    Yes, remember that. My parents also recall an ad for same product that featured two boys saying a poem that went something like:

    There was something wrong we said, but we now found out, we just got out of bed.

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    Smile Re: Anyone remember this Heinz advert...

    I remember the one about a Scouse girl's hands that went;

    "They were like 2 spuds!
    With half a pound of chipolata's!
    Couldn't draw or paint and me piano woke up me Mum!

    What you need to go far,
    Is exercise for starters,
    (Can't remember the next 2 lines),
    And a bit of diddly dum!"

    And then it goes into the silly chorus of nonsense words, and the girl grows up to be a hairdresser!

    I found the Heinz ad about the (hairy!) legs on YouTube though!

    Enjoy the trip down Memory Lane...

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