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    In 1991 they sang 'I Can Get Along Without You' but with news that Chas and Dave have decided to part ways, we can only wonder if they will.

    After losing his wife Sue in July, Dave has battled with his grief and now thinks it's best for the cockney duo if he retires from the music business, leaving behind his music partner of 37 years.

    Together, the cockney crooners warmed our cockles with their cheeky-chappie grins and ever-present trouser braces. We 'rockneyed' out to such delights as 'The Sideboard Song', 'Ain't No Pleasing You', 'Snooker Loopy' and, of course, 'Rabbit'. Everyone from the late John Peel to the Libertines has come out as a fan over the years, since their first album was released in 1975.

    Thankfully, it might not be over just yet, as Chas has vowed to continue playing their hits under the new name Chas And His Band! Meanwhile, Dave will be indulging his other passions, which include painting gypsy wagons and riding his horses. DYR salutes you Chas and Dave!
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    Gawd bless 'em

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