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    The Baby-Sitters Club board game was based on the books of the same name, as well as the TV show. The game came out in about 1992 and was made by Milton Bradley. Perfect to have at a girlie sleepover - just like Dream Phone has always been - the game was all about sharing stories and (sshh!) secrets, just like Kristy Stacey and the other members of The Baby-Sitting Club do all the time. As well as trivia on the books, there are questions for players to answer on things from baby-sitting and boys to best friends. It gave girls something else to giggle over together, in the way they so love to do! Later, there was also a Baby-Sitters Club Mystery board game, but most found it near on impossible to fathom the rules of play, so it never gained a great following.


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    loved the books but had outgrown it all by the time the game came out.

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