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Thread: Another childhood can't remember

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    Default Another childhood can't remember

    Ok this one is scifi and dates from around the late 70's (I was 6 or 7).

    The only clear image I can remember is a group of people looking out over some very futuristic city and they've just come through osme sort of underground tunnel system, the weapon/thing they have used is like a big tuning fork that glows red.

    Couldnt be more vague but we'll see what you genii can figure out )

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    Sounds like 'The Fantastic Journey' from 1977, I remember one character (Varian) having a weapon shaped like a tuning fork.

    "The Fantastic Journey" (1977)

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    Default Re: Another childhood can't remember

    I used to love that show

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    Yes, I also think Puppies72 is remembering The Fantastic Journey.

    Nice to be reminded of this show. There are two whole episodes up on YouTube.

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