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    I appreciate its about the 70s/80s/90s but there's a film I saw around 40 odd years ago. Its always been running around my head but I cant remember the name of it. (What happens when you get old )

    I'll try and cut to the chase.

    It was about a male statue that sat on top of a plinth. There was a group of warriors at war next to it. One day the statue came to life and started attacking them.

    After a long hard fought battle, one of the warriors noticed a little screw thread device at the heel of the statue. He put his spear into the hole and started undoing the plug type thingie. He along with others managed to get it off much to the dislike of the statue.

    Once they managed to remove it the blood started gushing out the heel, the statue started to weaken and before to long it collapsed into a heep.

    Well that's it really, but for the life of me I dont know the name of the film.

    Anyone ?

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    Jason & The Argonauts

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    Quote Originally Posted by sixtyten View Post
    Jason & The Argonauts
    Thats it..........Thanks a million sixtyten.........youv'e made an ole man very happy.

    YouTube - Jason and the Argonauts -1963

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