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    Those 3-D board games where you had multi levels that you had construct from card? All those tabs and slots... you'd spend ages setting up the board then the actual game lasted half the time. I think the one I had was a haunted house one... Happy days.

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    By the sound of it, the setting up was more hassle than it was worth.
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    awww c'mon Aidan where's your board game spirit!! although i have to agree with you where mousetrap is concerned!

    Propergood, I think I had the same game and thought it was called Haunted House but doesn't really resemble the Haunted House games I've seen listed in, say, Ebay. If we had the same game, you used to be able to put ghosts/corpses into 'graves' and behind doors etc and if you landed on them...that's about all I can remember except that I would buy it for my kids if I could find it!!

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    Jaydee - that sounds very much like 'Scream Inn':

    Look familiar?
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    I loved that kind of game. Had one called Haunted House where you had to drop a skull down the chimney .

    Only big problem was when the cardboard bits got a bit battered through use and didn't fit together properly anymore.
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    I had Ghost Castle and you had large bits of cardboard that you slotted together to make four rooms and you had to move along a path between the fours rooms to reach the staircase. You had to spin a spinner as well as throw a dice. One of the actions from the spinner was to drop a skull (which glowed in the dark) down a chimney which would roll down the stairs and knock anyone over who was near the finish.

    It was very well used and was very battered so the bits didn't fit together very well and countless bits of cello tape were used to try to rescue it. It is still in my dads shed, i loved that game

    Ah, the memories...

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    What about Mousetrap? That never seemed to fit together right!
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    Much as I loved Mousetrap, it seemed longer to set up than the actual gameplay time

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    I had both Ghost Castle & Mousetrap.

    I lost the skull from Ghost Castle & had to use a marble, & eventually a lot of the card walls got chewed up when putting it together, & it went when I had a clear out, though I did manage to keep one of the scarred stiff masks.

    Mousetrap is still at my parents house.
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    I used to love Ghost train

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