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Thread: School Rules

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    How about not being allowed to cough or sneeze during prayers in assembly. Although, that rule was more ridiculous than strange.

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    Some of the rules in my secondary school really got on my nerves, it got to a point where I genuinely believed the heads of year would sit in their offices for hours on end just thinking up what rules they could enforce next. I remember my total disgust in assembly one morning when it was announced that ties had to be to a specific length, down to the waist, no little and no less. This came after the rule that you couldn't wear a coat inside school at any time, if you were walking into any part of the school you had to remove your coat or a severe bollocking would be on the cards.

    Thinking back it amazes me just how angry one teacher in particular would get about the coat rule. If you were lining up outside a classroom ready to be allowed in for a lesson and were wearing a coat, this one fella would go absolutely berserk. He was actually a pretty decent bloke once he was actually inside a classroom and teaching, just that when walking around the school he was a real disciplinarian.

    We also had a one way system for making your way around the school, understandable when hordes of children are pushing and shoving after lunch to get to class, not so much if its one or two people being told to go right around the school just to get to the front office. I still have the voices of teachers bellowing "ONE WAY SYSTEM!" ringing in my ears.

    The school clamped down on eating outside which was a real pain. There was one teacher who would appear from seemingly nowhere and pull you aside, carefully taking your name, year and form number down on a pocket notepad. Eating a packet of McCoys and a carton of Ribena was like mission impossible, it required such skill and awareness of surroundings it was unbelievable. Finishing a packed lunch never felt so satisfying.

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    In primary, we had a new block built which included changing rooms. A rule was introduced in fifth year, (now Year 7 - we did an extra year at primary, don't recall why,) where you had to bring a towel on days when you had games and all the boys had to shower. Few of us wanted to so didn't bring a towel and thus could not shower, so the rule was not enforced.

    But showering after games in secondary was enforced, and many of us used to think it was a bit weird how one games master used to stand over you till you were completely undressed and in the shower.

    If you got to the changing rooms before the teacher, you could wet your hair and insist, "Look sir, I did have a shower!"

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    I remember hardly bothering with showers after games, mainly because the teachers hardly bothered to enforce it, & the weight of carrying a towel around. Also I always seemed to have most games lessons at the end of the day, so I could use the excuse that I would shower when I got home.
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    How about not being allowed to keep your Coat on in Class even if it was frezing?! Not being allowed to wear a Football Shirt under your school Shirt as a T-Shirt too!!? Crazy!

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    I sometimes wondered why we had a playground and field because there were so many bits of it that we weren't allowed on at certain times. We had a swimming pool in a building at the top of the yard and I can still here the teachers yelling "DON'T GO ROUND THE BACK OF THE SWIMMING POOL!" like we'd be sucked into parallel universe if we did. There was nothing behind it except a bit of grass and the school fence.
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    At a private school my Mum sent me to in preparation for the entrance exam into Prep school there was a rule that even in Winter boys had to wear shorts with their uniform - I froze one Winter and Mum was so incensed that she let me wear long trousers the next day. The teacher, a right old bag had a go at Mum and Mum being Mum had a go right back. She didn't back down and yep, I went in all Winter in long trews. Funnily, the other boys also started coming in the same after that but and the rule was changed. None of the other Mums thanked my Mum for helping to scrap that rule as to tell the truth I was one of the few Asian kids there. Mum sensed the prejudice and it was slowly dawning on me that colour was an issue to some people - I was only 6 or 7....

    Then at Secondary School we couldn't go near the Rose Gardens, on the games field, go over by the hedge adjoining the local secondary school, couldn't venture near the junior school that was part of the whole school, couldn't be inside during break times...basically you couldn't fart for fear of annoying the officious prats who taught there. Hated school, hated my teachers. Still do and I'm v v v glad it closed down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amethyst View Post
    Primary School

    All the class stand up when a member of staff enters the room,all have to say good morning or afternoon to your teacher.
    Put your hand up if you wanted to be excused from classroom
    No running in corridors
    Wait for the school bell before leaving the classroom
    Spelling tests once a week if you had over 16 out of 20 you could go outside and play rounders,if you had less than 16 had to stay in class and do lines

    No chewing in classroom if you were caught,then you would have to stand outside the classroom,until the lesson was over
    That also reminds me of the rules at secondary School....ugh.

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    I was given a nice smart little leather jacket by my older cousin, I did look nice in it, it was warm, but the straw that broke the camel's back was when I stuck USAF (United States Air Force) patches on the shoulders - it got confiscated, I was made to freeze all day, and at home time I was told never to bring it to school again.

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    We had to 'keep to the left' in the corridors and on the stairs and also walk in single file on the stairs at secondary school. There was also a hedge down the middle of the yard to separate boys and girls. We had to imagine that this hedge continued to the bottom of the field too. I went to an ex Grammar school and many of the teachers and rules were still in place when I started there in 1984. The headmaster walked around with his mortar hat on (think thats what they are called!) and his black cape. Everyone called him batman! Things started to slacken off a bit in 1986 when the head retired.
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