It was a series which was Britain's answer to Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and it first went on air just before Hitchcock passed away - I am surprised that Roald Dahl got his work on there considering he will always be famous for being a children's author. It must have been an expensive series to make, to get all the star names such as Gielgud, Jacobi, Joan Collins, Alfred Marks and other thespians, and it made me think considering it was made by Anglia - of course, not surprisingly, lots of episodes were filmed in East Anglia, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, etc.

Saw The Flypaper on YouTube and it did send shivers down the spine even now - the Trisha Yates-alike schoolgirl on the bus and then ending up at that elderly lady's home really made me feel that it was almost like a 25 minute long "say no to strangers" PIF. It's also interesting that Anglia did not contribute to the Children's ITV Dramarama strand - I am certain that the production crew used on TOTU could have easily knocked up a couple of episodes for that slot, especially when one thinks of Roald Dahl's involvement with children's books.

Anglia is part of ITV PLC so it still exists in a way.